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Why You Should Study Abroad – Top 7 Reasons


If you get the chance to study abroad while you are in college, you should jump at the opportunity. There are lots of great reasons you should consider study abroad even if it’s only for a short few months. The skills sets that you will pick up directly and indirectly will have a large impact on your life going forward.

Some of the top reasons why you should study abroad are things like seeing the world, learning a new culture, developing your personal skills and improving your education. See our list of the top 7 reasons why you should study abroad while you are in college below.


Why You Should Study Abroad


Learn A New Culture

For most students going to study abroad would be the first time that they are going to a new country. When going to a new country, you will see a different perspective of how people live their lives, have different customs, enjoy unique foods and traditions that can open your eyes to things that you would have never imagined before. Seeing how people life a completely different life than what you are accustomed to will show you that it’s possible to be different, but still be have the basic understanding as others.


Develop Language Skills

If you go to study in a country that doesn’t speak English, you will quickly start to learn the basics language skills to go about your daily life. You can always practice a foreign language in the classroom, but immersing yourself in a new place is the best way to learn a language and one that will teach you things that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom.



Most people when they think of study abroad, they think of learning a new culture and language. This might be true, but one thing that they don’t realize is that education systems around the world are all different. These different styles of education will allow you to explore new learning methods and styles that you would not have experienced back at home. This also includes certain types of programs or classes that your home university might not offer, but studying abroad exposes you to these unique opportunities in the classroom.


Seeing The World

Traveling is a luxury that not everybody is able to afford. You should feel blessed that your schooling allows for travels and seeing new parts of the world that you might not have seen without it. When in a new country, you view new customs and outlook on life that locals have that you might have had appreciation for before you traveled.

The great thing about studying abroad is that during your breaks, you have the opportunity to visit cities and countries near by to get even more exposure to places that can help gain new perspectives and ideas that you can bring back home with you.


Find New Interests

Another great thing about studying abroad is that you have the opportunity to try things that you might not have done at home. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you try new activities that you might find out that you enjoy. If you leave in a cold land lock town, studying abroad by the ocean in warm weather allows you to try new interests that you might not have had the opportunity to do back home. You can also experience new interests in areas of art, entertainment and sports that you might have not taught about trying back home.


Life Experience

You will look back at your experiences and be able to reflect that studying abroad might be the only time where you get to travel and experience new opportunities without have any commitments besides studying. The freedom and things you learn during studying abroad can later be incorporated into both your personal life and business life once you get back home.


Personal Development

Going to a new city, let alone new country on your own really tests your ability to be independent and adjust to new conditions. At times studying abroad might be overwhelming, but tough times creates a new set of skills that you can later reflect on when you are in a new condition later on in life. Being able to reflect on the diverse situations and problem solving while studying abroad can come to be a great asset later in life.




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