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Are Big Cities Going To Die With The Result Of The Pandemic?


If you are a new graduate you probably have had dreams of moving to a major city like New York, London, Singapore or Hong Kong based on your career preferences. You might be asking yourself; will these major cities still be around by the time I graduated? This has a large impact on your career choice and you might want to get an outlook of the future before you commit to something so important.

You have probably seen all over the media of an exodus of major cities with people planning to never return again. To be honest, people are leaving these major cities, but this will only be temporarily. A huge strength of these big cities is the lifestyle aspect of it. Going out to bars and local restaurants is very important for these cities to thrive, with current restrictions it’s not possible to enjoy all the great things that cities like New York and London have to offer. Having these options limited or closed, many don’t believe it’s worth living in such expensive cities if all the benefits have been taken away, thus the rush to leave. But it’s important to remember that this is only going to be the case for a short period of time.

Big Cities Going To Die?

The Opportunity

You should realize that this is going to be only temporary and think of it as an opportunity to taken advantage of the current situation. You have probably heard how rent has been free failing, now these expensive cities can be accessible to those that wouldn’t have even considered a major city because of the high costs of living.

In addition, you need to remember that all the major companies are still based in these cities and the exodus has created less competition for the same jobs. It will become easier to get your foot in the door with less people wanting jobs in major cities.

The foundation and principles of living in a big city haven’t changed. Cities like New York will still be the center of Finance and corporations, and networking opportunities will still be available. The fact if you do move to a major city while everyone is leaving, it will show that your personality enjoys difficult conditions and takes on challenges compared to running away or taking the easy way out of a situation.

Cities Adapt

Once there is a better understanding of the pandemic, people and cities will adapt. For example in New York City, restaurants had originally closed with the unknown of the virus, but slowly adapted to the current situation and opened back up with outdoor dining options. People in the community will see this as an opportunity to innovate that might not have happened without the need for change do to the pandemic.

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